Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Power of Masterminds and Partnerships

We had the most kick ass Unstoppable “Freedom-Preneur” Mastermind in Bali October 14-19. I LOVE doing these live events. The internet has given me the life of my dreams, but nothing can replace the human connection.
That is why we have chosen to align ourselves with other people that share our values and our interests. This is not only in those that we invite to join us at event, but it also includes the people we chose to partner with.
If you didn’t know, we take huge pride in our team. We want to make sure that those we partner with are uphold our same values. This allows us to provide you with top quality service and training.
Here are some of the people that worked our last Mastermind event.

Kim Barrett

We have just partnered with Kim Barrett from Your Social Voice marketing agency. If you have never met Kim Barrett you life and your business is missing out. He’s genuinely one of the kindest and most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to Facebook marketing. His company Your Social Voice runs marketing for Unstoppable FamilyGary Vaynerchuk, Reece Witherspoon …he’s kind of a big deal.
Kim was able to attend our Mastermind here in Bali to teach our attendees about social media. He also provides many done-for-you services with his company. Brian and I are so excited about this partnership. When join businesses happen, it allows both of our businesses to scale.

Mirza Nurman

Mirza Nurman is pure quality. He spent 10 hours shooting, if you are in bali and need a professional photographer he’s your guy! All of my high quality photos are from Mirza.

Samantha Essenhigh-Nicholson

Samantha Essenhigh-Nicholson CEO of Essenhigh Farrington Law Limited. One of the classiest ladies I’ve met. Lives in London and Spain. Her firm sets up the legal structures for all forms of businesses including freedompreneur’s.

Luke Lucky

Luke Lucky top stylist that turned our humid bali hair and faces into runway ready. You are one of a kind.

Dan Usher

If you have watched any of our films, you are watching Dan Ushers work. He is one of the most talented filmmakers I’ve ever seen.

Phil Wilson

PhiL Wilson can not only make you smile but get thousands of followers on Instagram. He taught our VIP’s strategies they can use now to build their following and leverage Instagram for business.

Victoria Murphy

I cannot say how grateful I am that Victoria Murphy came into our life! She is a freedompreneur and part of the backbone of making our events run so smoothly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Not only did we have those amazing people helping us out, but we also had a great group of Freedom-Preneurs join us. In attendance was:

Starrwyn Tonkin

Starrwyn Tonkin mum of Barefoot Six has been a FreedomPreneur for over 8 years teaching and inspiring other family’s how to live free.

Roos Melchers

Roos Melchers founder of Homemade Home. She is committed to helping other families to create a home that they can feel comfortable in. What is so inspiring about her is the way she incorporates these tips and ideas into traveling. She has an uncanny ability to make herself at home wherever she goes.

Wayne McMurtrie

Wayne McMurtrie founder of The-Rogue-Adventurer inspires people through his love and dedication for running 100+ mile races, hang gliding and freedom-preneuring while he travels the world.

Mel Frye

Mel Frye is a creator by nature. She is passionate about spreading her message with others. She defines herself as a Wild Woman that dances with the tides of the moon. I say that is absolutely true.

Catheryn Wright

Catheryn Wright the founder of the Wright Property Group turns visions into victories for her clients. She’s a no B.S. Agent and her clients love her style!

Tom Moester

Tom Moester and Inge Hart Parents  of the Dutch Nomad Family believes in family values and building a legacy for his family. His family relocated to bali from the Netherlands to live a balanced life and inspire others to do the same. They own a beautiful villaVilla Bloom Bali – Lovina and serve organic, wholesome foods to provide the ultimate balanced experience.

Vladka Kadlec

Vladka Kadlec CEO of Find It. Hit It. Rock It has an incredible sense of know how and zest for life. This girl is a quiet powerhouse.

We Focus On Developing Your Brand

Attending Mastermind events are powerful for growing your business. When you get together with other like minded people, the energy that is created amongst you is contagious.
We have been hosting these events for years, because we see the huge value that comes from them.
Here’s what we focus on:
  • Deliverables
  • Authority Website or Blog
  • High Converting Sales Funnels
  • Funnel Hacking Training, Email Marketing
  • Professional Marketing Video’s
  • Photo shoot
  • Fame Banners
  • Developing Your Brand
During this 5 night, 6 day branding and business building journey, we weave in culture and mindset training. A healthy, open mind breeds creativity and success.
Our events are different, because we make it our mission to walk along side you and help you develop your brand. We want to give you actionable things that you can do from the moment you arrive to well after you leave.

Bali Mastermind Incorporates Culture

As part of incorporating culture into our Unstoppable Masterminds, we watch Balinese dancers on the first night. They tell beautiful stories through their interpretive dancing.
The second night we were together, we had a bonfire at the beach. We invited Shervin Boolarian to do a sound healing sessions with use. He took us through a journey of mindset and healing through sound and vibrations. This is the 2nd time we have invited Shervin to join our tribe. He is a true giver of peace and solidarity.
On the fourth night, we went to the Uluwatu temple to enjoy the sunset off the cliff. We ended the day with a Kecak Ceremony.

Join Us At The 2017 Events

The next Masterminds in first half of 2017 will be: 
Whister, B.C. Canada on January 12th-16th
Bali, Indonesia April 6-11th
These private Exclusive events are limited to 18 VIP’s. You are welcome to sign up for the event below and we will get back to you about your application.
From this event, you will walk away with a full branding photo shoot, professional branded video for marketing, a high converting sales funnels, website/blogs and all the branded graphics you need to be an authority in your niche.
Be ready to learn about:
  • Mindset
  • Branding
  • Funnel Building
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing

If you are serious about attending our next event, apply below! Read More..